MX Player AIO ZIP Download | EAC3 Codec | Latest v1.50.1

MX Player AIO ZIP Download

MX Player Aio Zip and Eac3 Codec for MX Player have the latest version and are 100% working. To fix this problem, you need a custom EAC3 codec for MX Player.


What is MX Player aio zip?

MX Player aio zip is the best player for any Android phone worldwide. If you are a big fan of MX Player, then download it from here. This is the only 100% working MX Player zip file you can download from this phone. In the real MX Player, the problem is the audio file while you run a video movie from your phone. 

In the new version, you cannot find the custom sources of codes for playing video. This is mostly common for the DTH audio in the video file. You can quickly solve this issue with this MX Player zip code.  

In this block, I will show you how you can get back your lost DTS compatibility on your Android phone, and you can also install it on your mobile phone.  

MX Player aio zip App Details

NameMX Player aio zip
DeveloperJ2 Interactive
Online Version1.49.1
Quality100% Working
Last updatedOctober 24, 2023
CategoryVideo Players
Size24.83 MB
ExtrasAll Codec are available.

What exactly are Anx Player AIO ZIP files and codes? 

Codec is the most common steaming code for video, with the issue of incompatibility with video sources. When you feel like playing any video problem, you must have a custom code to solve this problem. So, some users need help viewing DTS-supported videos on their Android phones.  

We are the people who love to play video with audio. If the issue of playing EAC3 supports audio, it will take a lot of work for you to play video easily. So you must download the latest version of the MX Player aio zip and apk file to play any video without any streaming or audio problems easily. 

Brief on MX Player and the Codec Issue:

It is well known that MX Player is a popular video streaming application because of its versatility and easy-to-use interface. As a result, users often need support in dealing with issues related to codec incompatibility, which hamper their viewing experience. 

A codec needs to be used for decoding and encoding the digital data, and in the case of MX Player, it is essential to stream videos smoothly with the aid of the codec. As a result of some licensing hurdles, MX Player was forced to give up support for some custom codecs, which caused difficulties when streaming videos encoded in specific formats such as AC3 and DTS.

Many users report receiving errors when watching their favorite videos because MX Player does not support the EAC3 audio format. Enhanced AC-3 is a standard audio codec, but removing particular custom codecs from MX Player has made streaming videos with EAC3 audio difficult. 

Fortunately, a workaround to this issue has been found. MX Player AIO (All-in-One) ZIP and APK files containing the necessary custom codec files can be downloaded and installed to resolve the EAC3 support issue and enjoy seamless viewing.

You have downloaded a video with an AC3 audio format and are trying to play it on MX Player aio zip, but there is no audio. This is because MX Player no longer supports AC3 audio format. To solve this, you must install the MX Player AIO (All-in-One) ZIP and APK files containing the necessary custom codec files.”

You are watching a video with EAC3 audio on MX Player aio zip, but the audio is choppy and distorted. This is because MX Player does not support the EAC3 audio format. To solve this, you need to download and install the most recent version of the EAC3 codec.

Importance of Codecs in Video Streaming:

Compression and decompression:

Codecs reduce their file sizes whenever video and audio files are compressed or decompressed without significantly sacrificing quality. This is crucial for efficient storage and transmission, especially over the internet, where bandwidth can be limited.

Playback Quality:

Playback of video and audio is improved by selecting the correct codec. Some codecs are better at maintaining quality during compression, which results in a more precise and sharp playback of the video and audio.


The codec ensures compatibility between the video file and the player or device. Different devices and players support different codecs, so having the correct codec is crucial to playing the video.

Streaming Efficiency:

A high-quality codec will reduce buffering and lag, ensuring the data is transmitted and decoded in real-time or near-real-time.

Bandwidth Usage:

In settings where internet connectivity is limited or metered, efficient codecs can reduce the bandwidth required to stream content.

Error Recovery:

Using suitable codecs can ensure that the video or audio stream continues without interruption in the event of data loss or corruption during transmission.

Support for Advanced Features:

Some codecs that support advanced features like surround sound, high dynamic range (HDR), and 4K or higher resolutions can enhance the viewing experience.

Licensing and Cost:

Some codecs are proprietary and require licensing fees; others are free and open source.

Future-proofing and Scalability

As a result of technological advancements, new codecs are becoming available that provide improved compression efficiency, quality, and support for newly developed media formats. Adopting modern codecs can help future-proof systems and provide scalability even as demand shifts in different directions.

Fix EAC3 No Support Issue

The process should be followed entirely to resolve the EAC3 No Support Issue. Users of MX Player aio zip might get an error message that says “EAC3 audio format not supported” or “EAC3 codec not supported.” 

Downloading and installing the most recent version of MX Player and ensuring that you have the most recent audio drivers installed are the best ways to prevent this problem from occurring. If the error continues, you may need to reinstall MX Player aio zip. In addition, you need to check the capabilities of your hardware to ensure that it supports the EAC3 audio format.   

For MX Player to play back audio files that are saved in the EAC3 format, you must install the most recent version of the EAC3 codec. MX Player aio zip will display an error message and cannot play the audio file if your computer does not install the necessary codec. 

Playing some of the files in this format will allow you to determine whether your hardware can process audio in the EAC3 format. I just wanted to let you know that this can be done. No matter what kind of hardware you have, you cannot play audio files in this format on your phone unless it has an EAC3 codec. This is the only way it will be possible.

Download the MX Player Custom Codec

You will need to download and install a custom codec; the codec isn’t available, and you can utilize a different media player capable of playing audio in the EAC3 format. You also have the choice of converting the audio file to a different format that is compatible with your phone. You can achieve this goal with the help of a converter or a free online converter. 

Resolving the Codec Issue: 

Users wishing to correct this issue can download the MX Player AIO Zip, the EAC3 Codec, and other appropriate custom codec files. These files are designed to work on any device, resolving codec incompatibility issues and enabling proper audio playback. 

“Let’s break this process down into easy-to-follow steps. Just stick to these, and you’ll be good to go: 

To start using the app, you can open it on your device first.

Click on the three dots in the screen’s top-right corner, and you can access the menu.

Click on Settings. In the drop-down menu, select ‘Settings.’ After that, choose ‘Decoder’ from the drop-down menu.

You will find a section titled ‘Custom Codec’ on the left side of this screen. Scroll down to see either ‘Neon’ or ‘Tegra’.

First, you’ll need to download the Codec Pack. Here’s the good news: you don’t have to search the web for the correct codec. I’ve got you covered. Below, I have included links to download the codec pack. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between zip files and APK files. 

Installing the Custom Codec for MX Player: A Simple Guide 

Downloading the APK Format: You know that the codec comes as an APK. The links given lead to APK files, which makes it easy. After the download, you can install it like any other app. Do you dislike the use of unofficial or sideloaded software? You don’t need to worry. Could you refer to the first couple of steps I explained earlier? 

If you prefer not to use the APK, the codec is also available as a downloadable zip file. Navigate to the “MX Player aio zip Codec Files” area and select the codec version that works with your player. If you download the file to a computer, you must remember to move it to your mobile device afterward. 

Integrating the Codec: Once you’ve got the zip, launch the app, then go to Settings > Decoder > Custom Codec. 

Choosing the Correct Codec File: After downloading the zip codec file, a dialogue box will appear, asking you to choose it. You can just select the codec from your saved location. When you are done, the app will likely restart, and you will be ready to go. Videos can now be played without the incompatibility of the EAC3 codec. 

Installing procedure

Need more clarification about the Codec Version?

There’s an easy solution if you’re scratching your head about whether to go for ‘Neon’ or ‘Tegra3’. You can grab the All-in-One (AIO) codec pack zip file mentioned earlier, and it’ll have you covered. 

Stay Updated! It’s a good practice to keep your apps updated. Your current version of MX Player aio zip may be a bit more modern. The most recent versions of MX Player and MX Player Pro can be downloaded from our site and offer the most recent updates and bug fixes. 

MX Player’s AIO ZIP and EAC3 Codec: Your Ultimate Solution 

Regarding mobile video players, MX Player aio zip APK is a clear frontrunner. However, some custom codecs were removed in a recent update due to licensing concerns. As a result, some previously playable audio and video formats experienced a temporary disruption. Do not worry, though! Here’s how to get the MX Player AIO ZIP custom codec and return your player to its former glory. 

Why You Need the AIO ZIP Code:

MX Player aio zip might give you silent videos in their default form because it can’t handle formats like AC3, DTS, MLP, and TrueHD. Fortunately, installing a custom codec on your device can usually fix these problems. 

What is the MX Player AIO ZIP?

A complete codec package addresses the issue of incompatibility. It includes several codecs, but could you be sure to grab the right one? Installing the wrong one won’t solve your problem. Opt for the direct codec file to avoid any audio issues. As a way to address the problem of incompatibility, the developer has created a complete codec package. This package contains a variety of codecs, but could you make sure you grab the correct version? Installing the wrong one will not fix your problem. Choose the direct codec file to sidestep any audio issues. 

Do you know where you can get it?

All MX Player custom codec packs are available on this page in ZIP and APK formats. Please scroll down to find out how to find the correct phone codec and how to install it correctly. Please note that these codecs are fine-tuned for the latest version of MX Player aio zip, so make sure to update your player. 

MX Player’s Standout Features 

MX Player Codec stands out from the crowd of media players thanks to these features: 

  1. The MX Player codecs ensure that audio incompatibilities are no longer an issue. Experience crisp video streams combined with crystal clear sound with MX Player codecs. 
  2. Despite the accessible version of MX Player aio zip, the Pro version offers an ad-free viewing experience. Note: Codecs alone will not remove ads, but upgrading to MX Player Pro ensures a seamless experience. 
  3. You can play AC3 audio files easily in MX Player aio zip because it automatically supports this format. Users do not have to worry about whether or not they can play AC3 audio files because this is a built-in feature.
  4. Video Performance Improvements thanks to MX Player Codecs for both Playback and Streaming After a system restart, MX Player aio zip will be functional again, and you will be able to play all of your videos at average speed and with no audible interruptions. 
  5. MX Player codecs support more video formats than most other players. The MX Player aio zip Codecs are compatible with any video format, from the common MKV to the obscure MOV.
  6. MX Player Codecs’ GPU acceleration feature guarantees glitch-free playback of even the most graphically intensive files. This is a helpful addition for gadgets with less powerful processors.
  7. MX Player codecs use multi-core decoding to provide superior performance compared to single-core decoding. This facilitates seamless video streaming for the end user.
  8. Lightweight and Designed for Low-End Devices MX Player codecs are optimized for low-end devices. That way, even those with less powerful computers can enjoy a high-quality streaming experience.

 What advanced features do some codecs support, like surround sound, high dynamic range (HDR), and 4K or higher resolutions?

Some of the advanced features that some codecs support include:

1. Surround sound: This feature allows for a more immersive audio experience by creating the illusion of sound coming from multiple directions.

2. High dynamic range (HDR): This feature provides a broader range of colors and brightness levels, resulting in a more visually stunning image.

3. 4K or higher resolutions: This feature provides more detail and clarity, making the viewing experience more lifelike and immersive.

What are the licensing fees associated with some proprietary codecs?

The licensing fees associated with some proprietary codecs can vary widely depending on the codec type and intended use. For example, some codecs may require a one-time fee for use in a specific project, while others may require ongoing fees for commercial use. The licensing cost can also vary depending on the number of users and the duration of use. Overall, proprietary codecs are more expensive than open-source codecs, which are free to use.

A Speedy Tutorial on the MX Player aio zip Codec Installation

 Identifying the Right Codec: Head to Settings > Decoder > General. 

 You can find this information under the’ Custom Codec’ tab if your player requires a specific codec, such as x86, tegra2, tegra3, neon, etc. The AIO version eliminates the need for this procedure.

Codec Downloading: Acquire an appropriate codec pack. You can leave the zipper sealed.

Prepare the ground: Return to Settings > Decoder > General after downloading the file and pick the ‘Custom Codec’ option. So long! It would be best if you now had flawless playback with MX Player aio zip.

How to Get the MX Player Codec Pack

If you downloaded the codec on a PC, you can move it to your phone using USB or Bluetooth. Here are two different approaches to setting up:

Procedure 1 for Setup:

Your zip file should remain in the exact location on your phone’s internal storage where you last saw it, such as the downloads or Bluetooth folders.

Could you start up MX Player aio zip? It will request that the codec be installed if it is compatible. The ‘ok’ button should be clicked.

After MX Player has finished restarting, you should be able to play videos without hiccups and hear the audio.

Optional Second-Row Mounting:

Get started with MX Player right away!

Go to the decoder’s settings, then General, then Custom Codec.

A menu selection prompt will appear. Please navigate to the directory where you saved the codec zip file, then double-click on it.

If the correct file is selected, MX Player will restart. Your final product should have flawless audio.

If you’re having trouble hearing audio with MX Player aio zip, download and install the All Codec Pack. It will automatically choose and install the necessary codec from the ZIP.

Quick Tip: You can check if the codec was correctly installed in MX Player by selecting Help > About.


AIO ZIP Codec for MX Player AIO is one of the essential tools one can use when using an ARMv7 NEON CPU device. It is easy to install and configure, and it will ensure that videos play without any problems. You can get the codec from the MX Player Codec website or the Google Play Store and enjoy high-quality videos on your device. With the correct codec, you can enjoy quality videos on your device.

AIO ZIP Codec for MX Player AIO Reviews


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AIO ZIP Codec for MX Player AIO is one of the essential tools one can use when using an ARMv7 NEON CPU device. It is easy to install and configure, and it will ensure that videos play without any problems.


MX Player AIO ZIP Download

MX Player Aio Zip and Eac3 Codec for MX Player have the latest version and are 100% working. To fix this problem, you need a custom EAC3 codec for MX Player.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the procedure for getting it onto your computer?

Visit the MX Player aio zip Codec website right now. Choose the appropriate archive format (zip or APK) from the drop-down menu. Once you click, the download will begin immediately.

How do I alter the MX Player’s codec settings?

Go to MX. You can layer the AIO ZIP codec and get the latest codec. Then, apply the instructions given above.If you need to play an AC3 video, the neon codec is your best bet.Go to MX. You can layer the AIO ZIP codec and get the latest codec. Then, apply the instructions given above.

Which codec in MX Player can play AC3 files?

If you need to play an AC3 video, the neon codec is your best bet.

Do you think I can install multiple codecs on MX Player?

Yes, you can install multiple codecs on MX Player aio zip. However, only one codec can be active at a time. To switch between them, go to the Decoder Settings and select the ‘Custom Codec’ option.

Can I adjust the volume for MX Player?

The app costs nothing and has many of the same features as YouTube Premium.

What makes it different from YouTube?

Yes, you can adjust the volume for MX Player aio zip. To do this, use the volume buttons on your device or access the volume slider in the app’s settings. 

Can I use it without root access?

You do not need to have root access to utilize the application.

Another option is to get the MX Player aio zip Codec APK and install it.

There is an alternative installation method if you don’t like working with zip files. The needed codec pack can be quickly downloaded from the Google Play Store. Even though they are the canonical releases, their usefulness may vary. Before downloading, which version is appropriate for your needs?

Even after installing the MX Player AIO ZIP Codec, you still have problems, right?

It’s possible that you downloaded an outdated codec. Please use the download link we’ve supplied. You can get everything you need in one convenient bundle. Could you download the file and then start the installation process on your device?

MX Player AIO ZIP Download

MX Player AIO ZIP Download

MX Player Aio Zip and Eac3 Codec for MX Player have the latest version and are 100% working. To fix this problem, you need a custom EAC3 codec for MX Player.

Please note that we are not the official MX Player AIO ZIP Download website, and this blog exists solely for educational purposes; we do not condone the use of this application for illegal purposes. If you are the developer or owner of the ReVanced Extended apk, please contact us via our contact form if you feel something is wrong. We are ready to discuss it with you.

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